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Write for Us:
If you are passionate enough to become a writer or you already have plenty of experience to share your knowledge thoughts and knowledge then you welcome on our platform. Moreover, you want to enhance your writing skills having good command on grammar then you can write on particular niches such as Technology, parenting, mobile –software such as android, social media and as well as business. Then you can become a contributor and you can submit your piece of content to our website.
Major categories you can write on:
We encourage you to contribute on the categories of our blogs such as Technology, iphone and android cellphones, social media, business and as well as on digital parenting.
You will get in return:
When you will become a contributor of techo-crush.com, you will have your own individual author page and you will be able to add your biography, website, and social media links etc. you can also promote your own brand through do follow and no follow links on techo-crush.com. Furthermore, you can improve your corporate branding for your customers and also gain thought leadership.
If you are interested in the promotion of your contributions on our social media platforms and provide links on your particular site, contact at techocrush@gmail.com for further value able information.
Article should have minimum 700 words
Well written and Prof Read
Added images
The Deadlines

There is no hard and fast rules, just write your piece of article and send it to us.

How to submit?

It is very simple, you just need to write an article on the niche in which you are comfortable and expert and then send your article to techocrush@gmail.com our qualified editors. They will review it and consider it either it lies in our standards or not. You should have good writing understanding such as correct grammar and sentence structure have and spellings. We have the rights to edit your given article according to our needs in order to make right for our target audience by making it SEO friendly. Then it will be published.
You will have to provide following compulsory stuff

  • Author Bio
  • Add images with resolution of 200*200px
  • Hero image of resolution 778*250px
  • The authors have to sign up on our blog initially so that we published your article with the byline.
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